Pandanus baptistii variegata

10″ container.

A fast-growing large shrub that will eventually develop a stout trunk and reaches up to about 7 feet in height.  It has many thick stilt roots near the base which provide support as the plant grows top-heavy with leaves, fruit and branches.  This variegated beauty has showy leaves with a broad golden-yellow stripe down the leaf center and sandwiched between the green margins.
Leaves are spirally arranged that arch gracefully and taper to a long point. Foliage is spineless along the margins of the leaves and not fragrant.
It also produces fruits amidst its variegated foliage.

This Pandanus grows easily with little maintenance. Prefers full sun, filtered sunlight or semi-shade. Too much direct sun may scorch its foliage.
Moderate water requirement. Water regularly as it needs constantly moist soils. Can be drought tolerant when well established.


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